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BBC News: Harvey Weinstein charged with rape in New York
Friday 25th May 2018

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Church ignored child sex abuse by ex-general synod member, says review

The Church of England ignored child sex abuse carried out by a former member of the General Synod, a review has found.

Christian youth worker: Being authentic on social media will tackle bad body image

A Christian youth worker has encouraged people to be more authentic on social media in order to help people suffering with body image issues.

Two Ebola patients die after fleeing hospital to attend church

Two Ebola patients that left a treatment centre in the Democratic Republic of Congo to attend a church prayer meeting have died.

Church of England report shows people are being failed by local authority schemes

Local authority schemes aimed at helping people who fall into crisis are failing to operate effectively, a report has found.

Modern-day Noah's ark set to be built by scientists

Scientists are building a futuristic version of Noah's ark in order to store animals' DNA so they can be brought back to life if they become extinct.

‘A new day’ in relations between Christians and Jews welcomed at inaugural Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast

A group of Christians and Jews have declared “a new day” in interfaith relations this week at London’s first Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast.

Christian MP in 'religious bigotry' warning to BBC presenter

A Catholic politician has warned a BBC broadcaster of straying into "religious bigotry" after she quizzed him on his views over same-sex marriage during a television interview.

First female Bishop of London introduced to House of Lords

The new Bishop of London has taken her seat in the House of Lords.