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Creation Ministries

Different 'Races'
or One Human Family?

Friday 27 November 2015


Grace Baptist Church

21 Princes Street, Southport PR8 1EG

For more details call Paul 07714219842

With Ainsdale Evangelical Church

AEC Hosts Moriel

Autumn Moriel Meeting - CANCELLED

Friday 17th October 2015

Bethesda Chapel
17 Aughton Road, Birkdale

Speaker will be

Jacob Prasch
James Jacob Prasch is Director of Moriel Ministries

and was born near New York City in the USA where he became a Christian while studying science in university in February of 1972. After trying to disprove the bible with science, history, and archaeology, he found so much evidence in support of the claims of Jesus and the Bible that it required more faith to reject it than to believe it.

Jacob and Moriel are committed to the conviction that we are in the Last Days approaching the return of Christ and that contemporary events in the Middle East, the moral deterioration of society, the destruction of the environment, the globalization of the world economy, the rise of a pseudo-democratic federal Europe and, above all, the apostasy in the contemporary church, are all events of prophetic significance eschatologically.

the watchman series

Where Satan Dwells - Babylon Resurrected - Preparing for Persecution

Saturday 19th September 2015
commencing at 1900 hrs doors open at 1830 hrs

Researcher and film maker Deborah Menelaws of Bethel Communications has entitled her Watchman Conference 2015 'The Enemy Within' as she shares her research to establish not only Where Satan Dwells but also the startling revival of Babylon Resurrected and the terrible implications for Planet Earth.

Deborah now believes it is time to sound the alarm for true Christians to Prepare for Persecution and will give practical tips and guidelines for every Believer to consider prayerfully as the anticipated gross darkness encroaches.

In Southport, Deborah will present an overview of the subjects over 2 sessions.

Grace Baptist Church
Princes Street, Southport, PR8 1EG
Car parking at Tulketh St Multi Story or ‘On street’ parking free after 1800hrs


Saturday 25th April 2015

1600hrs to 21:00hrs

Geof Marshall

details to follow

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Moriel Autumn Meeting

Jacob Prasch
The Bible in the FINAL DAYS

Friday 14th November 2014

2000 - 2130hrs

St John's Church Hall

St John's Road, Birkdale

Poster Fruchtenbaum Sep2014.jpg

Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum

'The Rapture of the Church'

'The Jews and the Tribulation'

10th September 2014

Wednesday at 8:00pm to 10:00pm

St John’s Church Hall

St John’s Road, Birkdale, PR8 4JP

My People Perish.JPG
My People Perish

Sound THE Alarm UK Tour 2014

Saturday 27th September

9:30 am – 5:00 pm full day conference

Christ Church, Lord Street,
Southport PR8 1AA

invite Jacob2red May 2014.jpg

Following God in the Final Days

a practical approach to biblical Christianity

Saturday 10th May 2014


Bring someone with you!
Slide Jacob May 2014.jpg

Saturday 10th May 2014

Jacob Prasch

St John's Church Hall

Poster Jacob November (2) 2013.jpg
"The BIBLE in

Friday 29th November 2013
2000 - 2130hrs

Speaker will be Jacob Prasch

St John's Church Hall,
St John's Road, Birkdale, PR8 4JP

click on icon for poster

2nd November 2013

We apologise that through circumstances beyond our control we have had to cancel this meeting. We would be obliged if you would let others know about this as we do not want wasted journeys

Sound the Alarm Tour 2013

The Dangers Facing Believers Today

Speakers Johanna Michaelsen and Deborah Menelaws are researchers and authors who have a knowledge of ancient and modern world religions, and how that impacts us in the light of The Holy Bible. They have worked with other top speakers including Dave Hunt, Roger Oakland, Jacob Prasch, Gary Kah, Ken Ham, Carl Wieland and Barry Smith over the last 20 plus years.

They have a warning to bring — a specific word for the Church—and it is not an easy one as they sound the alarm about Satan’s devices—including a new deception regarding Israel—God’s chosen people.

Wednesday 18th September 2013 at 7pm

Woodvale Community Centre

Meadow Lane, PR8 3RS
click on map on front page for directions


Carl Kerby to Visit Ainsdale

Carl Kerby became a follower of Jesus Christ in 1987 while living in Salt Lake City, UT.  His passion is to proclaim the authority and accuracy of the Bible, challenge and encourage believers to devote their minds and hearts to the Lord, provide biblical answers to questions about the God’s Word and the world and culture we live in, and to help non-believers come to saving faith in Jesus Christ.  He has authored three books, Remote Control: The Power of Hollywood on Today's Culture, Absotively, Posilutely Best Evidence for God and his latest book, Reasons for HOPE In the MOSAIC of Your Life.

The son of a professional wrestler, and previously an air-traffic controller at O’Hare International Airport and a founding board member and speaker for Answers in Genesis, Carl stepped out in faith to found Reasons for Hope.  The ministry is an apologetics ministry, equipping and challenging Christians to be ready always to give a reason for the hope that lies within them (1 Peter 3:15).  Carl and his wife, Masami, have two children, Alisa and Carl Jr, and three grandchildren — grandson Trey and granddaughters Naomi Joy and Mari Hayashida.

Carl's Website 

Carl's Facebook

Carl's Twitter

Poster Jacob May 2013 FINAL.jpg


Jacob Prasch 

Jacob was born near New York City in the USA where he became a Christian while studying science in university in February of 1972, after trying to disprove the Bible with science, history, and archaeology. He found so much evidence in support of the claims of Jesus and the Bible that it required more faith to reject it than to believe it. 


Saturday 11th May 2013

1500 - 1800 hrs

St John's Church Hall

St John's Road
invite Jacob May 2 2013.jpg

Following GOD in the FINAL DAYS

come and here what a True Faith in God means

and how to become a True Christian

Billy Ainscough

Billy miraculously survived the Hillsborough disaster, but as a result came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour. This is his story.   

Jacob Prasch

Jacob was born near New York City in the USA where he became a Christian while studying science in university in February of 1972, after trying to disprove the Bible with science, history, and archaeology. He found so much evidence in support of the claims of Jesus and the Bible that it required more faith to reject it than to believe it 


Saturday 11th May 2013

1900hrs - 2100hrs

St John's Church Hall

St John's Road
Details of forthcoming events this year
Pearce April 2013.jpg

  Bible Prophesy Foundation Meeting

Light for the Last days

Countdown to Calamity

or hope for the future?


Saturday 20th April 2013

         at 7.00pm

St John's Church Hall

St John’s Road, Birkdale,

Southport. PR8 4JP


 Tony Pearce 

or further information; Tel: 01704  513726 / 87
BPF 1st Meeting.JPG

Saturday 24th November 2012

Brian Gemmell

1500hrs and 1800hrs

Leamington Road Baptist Church



Autumn Programme 2012



St John’s Church Hall

St John’s Road

Birkdale PR8 4JP



We have two more Public Meetings planned for this autumn to help you share your faith, bring your friends to Christ and to understand the signs of the times, using the authority of the bible as our ‘plumb line’.

Supper and Prophecy

Saturday 6th October, 1900 -2100hrs

Dr ALEC PASSMORE is a regular preacher at AEC and his teaching is witty yet ‘down to earth’ with plenty of substance to it. He will be bringing an evangelistic message with a prophetic flavour, so this is a meeting to bring all your friends who are still unsure about the Christian faith.

Please contact us for free invites - [or just turn up]


The Bible in the Final Days

Saturday 20th October, 1600 - 2100hrs


Jacob Prasch is well known for his honest and forthright approach to biblical interpretation. His zeal for truth is as a result of deep study and his own experiences in life.

There will be three sessions with a break for tea but please bring your own food.

 There will be no charge,

but an offering will be taken.

We hope to have a bookstall at each meeting.

Light refreshments only will be provided.


Special Meetings at Woodvale Community Centre


Sound the Alarm tour (UK) with Caryl Matrisciana and Deborah Menelaws


Both speakers are film makers [Wide is The Gate, The God Makers, Cup of Trembling-countdown to Armageddon, The Daniel Project etc] who have a unique insight into the signs of the times, Israel and the great apostasy in the church today. Caryl will be speaking on the latter which comes in via mysticism and Deborah will be sharing her latest research on the coming False Prophet who is the second beast in Revelation. Both are experienced speakers who have shared in meetings around the world, working with the likes of Dave Hunt, Jacob Prasch, Roger Oakland, Ken Ham, Barry Smith, Gary Kah, Rabbis Richman and Glick amongst others.


Wednesday 24th October at 1930hrs – part1

Wednesday 31st October at 2000hrs – part 2

There will be no charge,

but an offering will be taken.

Supper and Prophecy

Supper and Prophecy
with an Evangelistic message

St John's Church Hall, Birkdale
Saturday 6th October 2012
1900 - 2100hrs
Making sense of all that is happening in the world when put into a biblical perspective and who better to do this than Brian Gemmell. All are welcome

Bible Prophecy for 2012

...keeping our understanding up to date.


Brian Gemmell

Saturday 2nd/ Sunday 3rd June

David will be talking about the work that is going on in the Phillipines and his visits to teach there, before he gives a prophetic message which will include the reason why Christianity should be so important to you.

Admission is free, but it would help in the catering if you would let us know if you are coming.

Click here for details of how to get there.
Poster Jan 2012.jpg

“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, … that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”       

2 Tim 3:16-17 (NIV)

The Last Days

 Biblical Prophecy Revealed

Saturday 21st January 2012

 at 7.00pm

Bethesda Chapel

Aughton Road, Southport. PR8 2AF


 Bill Rodway


future meetings this year at our new venue

St. John’s Church Hall   
St John’s Road,Birkdale,
Southport, PR8 4JP
    • April 21st - David Hoyle
    • June 2nd - Brian Gemmel
    • October 6th - Alec Passmore
    • November - Jacob Prasch
Do Come and Join Us if you can



Aughton Road

Brian Gemmell

at 7.00pm

Prophecy Conference


of GOD


Friday 3rd June at 2000hrs
Saturday 4th June, at 1100hrs, 1400hrs, 1900hrs

Sunday 5th June 1030hrs at Ainsdale

A Prophecy Conference
concerning the return of the Lord Jesus




Christ Church, Southport

Lord Street PR8 1AA

We are enthusiastically looking forward to hosting this major conference in the North West, not only because the two speakers are internationally renowned, but with world events occupying the headlines, the increase in seismic activity and the western world still reeling from the financial crisis, there is a thirst to try and understand what is actually happening. Does the bible, a book written thousands of years ago, really have any answers and is any of this predicted in the hundreds of prophecies within it’s cover.

Some of our best bible scholars think it does, including our two excellent speakers.

Dr Ice is Executive Director of a Biblical Prophecy Research Centre, has co-authored about 30 books, written hundreds of articles, and is a frequent conference speaker. He has served as a pastor for 15 years.

Dr Wilkinson is the Associate Minister at Hazel Grove Full Gospel Church in Stockport, Cheshire, and a regular speaker at Ainsdale Evangelical Church. He is a Christian author, was a research consultant for the award-winning Christian documentary, The Destiny of Britain and is a regular conference speaker in the UK and overseas.

The writer to the Hebrews [in the bible] reminds us how unstable everything man puts his trust in, really is; 'Once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens'. The words "once more" indicate the removing of what can be shaken - that is, created things - so that what cannot be shaken may remain.’ Hebrews 12:26

This conference will explore world events and what will happen preceding Christ’s glorious and imminent return to this earth. The Conference commences on Friday evening in the comfortable and modern surrounds of Christ Church, continues all day Saturday and will close with Sunday Worship at Merefield School, Ainsdale.

The Saturday evening meeting commencing at 7pm will be geared more to those people with little knowledge of the bible but wish to understand what is happening in the world in a clear way.

“... because our gospel came to you not simply with words, but also with power, with the Holy Spirit and with deep conviction.”               1 Thess 1:5 


  Do ask for a leaflet with full details;


Tel 872412 or look ‘online’

Tel:- 01704 513 645


Click on poster for venue map
Saturday 16th April at 7.00pm

PWMI vice Chairman

will be speaking on
'The Antichrist
and the coming
Tribulation Temple'

Aughton Road
Read about Dr Ice who will be the keynote speaker at the PWMI Convention this year before coming North to be the main speaker at our conference here in Southport.

. Proposed Speakers for 2011

Speakers booked for 2011

Monthly Comment - April 2010

The true believer in the Lord Jesus Christ has a definite certainty about the things he or she believes. Absolutely convinced of the truth of the Word of God, assured of personal salvation, confident in the sealing of the Holy Spirit and strong in faith concerning the practical protection and provision of the Lord on a daily basis, such believers can also be equally secure in their future expectations of the Second Coming of Christ.
When we are securely fastened to the Word of God and draw our end-times doctrines from it, then our understanding of these matters is not speculation, but knowledge, which has been imported by divine revelation from the Scriptures. In the J.N.Darby translation of Mark 13:23, our April "timeless truth", we read "But do ye take heed: behold I have told you all things beforehand." The statement is given that the believer might be confidently equipped with knowledge of the last days and protected against the false prophets and Messiahs that are predicted to arise, with signs and wonders so amazing that if the elect could be deceived they would be. Forewarned is fore-armed! So we must "take heed".

There has never been such a time as the present day in which to strongly encourage each other to know what the Bible teaches about the Rapture of the Church, the coming Tribulation and the glorious Return of the King of Israel and King of Kings.

The PWMI as a movement, it's national council and branch officials throughout the nations in which we work, our website, and this magazine (Prophetic Witness), stand rock solid on the fundamental truths of His imminent return in the face of the many winds of doctrine blowing through the church. Let's stand together.

Brian Gemmell


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