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938 Enquiring Of God's Will
Sunday 24th January 2016    
Understanding Of The Times
The Unsearchable Riches Of Christ
Understanding Of The Times
Preacher:   Ian Bradley              

ACORNS Toddler Group

Little 'ACORNS'

We are , a mother and toddlers group at the

Recreation Centre

Orchard Lane

off Sandbrook Rd, Woodvale.


We meet every Thursday morning from 10 till 12. during school term times

We have playtime and crafts with juice and snacks for the little ones.

Time for a bit of a run round then we will be clearing up the debris!

We invite mums, dads, grandmas and granddads, and all will come along with their little 'ACORNS'

 We'll be sure to give you a nice cup of tea or coffee and cake!


Esme at 01704 533489

or Pat 01704 513726

What did DANIEL say?

What did Daniel Say?

The Daniel Project is outstanding...Wonderful...Excellent


We have a large number of DVD's of this outstanding movie which we are offering to homes in our area over the next few months.

This TV documentary by British production company Studio Scotland has been broadcast around the world on TV networks, Film-on-Demand Channels, shown in Town Halls, Civic Centres, Church Halls, Prisons, Universities and even in the outback of Australia and Africa. It is now available for YOU to watch in your own home.

War of the Worlds meets The Day the Earth Stood Still. The Daniel Project - science fiction or observable fact? This 90 minute feature length investigative documentary presents an overview of a complex subject and has been hailed by many as the “best Biblical prophecy film made”. It is claimed that individuals from antiquity recorded warnings from visitors outside of our time domain, warnings that only the final generation would understand. Many are convinced there is overwhelming evidence supporting the belief that this final generation is living now!

If you would like a copy now, do ask us for one using the contact tab at the top of the page

Good News Messenger Launched

We have relaunched our Church News in a new format and with a modern title.
It contains all the good articles and same biblical truths which never change, but hopefull will be easier to read and the quality is such that you will be happy to share with your friends.
If you have an article which you feel would be suitable for inclusion in a later copy, we would be pleased if you would submit it for consideration. This Messenger is for you the reader.

'The Truth will Set You Free'

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